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Located close to and overlooking the Nakuru-Naivasha highway, the hotel is a stone throw away from ‘the town of rough water’ better known as Naivasha. We are right opposite buffalo mall.  A hotel modeled on a balance of boldness and tranquility with a touch of style, with close proximity to facilities such as fast food restaurants, cafes, shopping and many more.

Outside shot of the hotel
The dining area and restaurant
Welcoming area the reception


Our Rooms

Once you enter the room

Starts From

3000 Ksh per night

Starts From

3000 Ksh per night

Side view of the bed

Starts From

3000 Ksh per night

Shower in our rooms

Starts From​

3000 Ksh per night

Lay your head down comfortably

Starts From

3000 Ksh per night

Study desk, Wi-Fi and telephone in your room.

Starts From

3000 Ksh per night

Naivasha sky over the hotel
In symphony with our environment
Dining in Naivasha at our restaurant
Once you are in the hotel room we deliver comfort

Experience Symphony

When the rays hit your face, and your eyes open, you begin to feel the world around.

The soft caress of the sheets, the duvet wrapped around you and your head lightly suspended by a soft pillow.

Then it begins, the phone buzzes, you look and the message makes you smile. It’s time to get out of bed, or maybe catch up with some current events in the news.

But then you remember, breakfast is something you never miss, and hot showers are something you always look forward to in the morning. This is symphony 🙂

What we offer

So what does it mean to be at symphony? Exceptional rooms at unbeatable rate with hot shower, WIFI, satellite TV and telephone services. Eat as you observe the sky, whether at night or during the day in the glass top restaurant. Friendly staff and secure premise with close proximity to buffallo mall, lake Naivasha and Naivasha Town.


Open Sky Restaurant

To be truly in symphony, you can't rule out nature. Dine in our restaurant as you take in the Naivasha sky.

The dining area and restaurant
The sinks are unique Naivasha


It's Amazing

Take in the ambiance, unique conversational pieces accrued from all over the world. Talking points and points to talk about.

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